Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nothing of interest. But, she did get married.

That's right. I have committed. I have forsaken all others (hobbies, spare time, meals, sleep) and pledged my abiding devotion to...Arclight Films. I have a job. An office job. That I am now married to.

A whirlwind courtship (three months!) of casual (part time) seeing each other before I got the proposal. Of course I was sick during the honeymoon and as with any new life changing addition, there have been moments of compromise and sacrifice. But now we're as in sync as possible. Mostly, because we spend every waking moment (literally) together.

Eleven hours onsite and another four or five offsite leaves not a spare second in the day. (Save for the time I took to write this and also, read the latest Friday Night Lights recap at TWoP. Some day, when I have a life again, I'll write about how awesome Friday Night Lights is. Seriously y'all, it's the best show ever!) At work, we are currently in preparations for our BIGGEST week of the year. Which means the hours are going to get increasingly longer and my new significant other and I will have plenty of opportunity to settle in and really set up house. Hopefully, we won't kill each other.

If this sounds like complaining, it's not. I have a job. A real grown up job. I wore stockings and heels to the office today because we had investors visiting. (Luckily most days I can get away with jeans.) This is everything I've worked for. It's the reason I went to college. It's not exactly what I pictured when I decided as a starry-eyed tween that I wanted to work in "movies," but it's pretty damn close. I still get a little rush of giddy energy when I actually get to say 'I work in the entertainment industry' aloud. Even in the moments I want to tear my hair out.

So that's it. I've found what I love and committed wholeheartedly. But like any (life-altering) relationship, it's work.